Welcome to the next level of DeFi analytics and consultancy services.

We are a collective of DeFi natives focusing on building meaningful analytics and providing in-depth consultancy services for the industry. Our experience in the Swiss IT Consulting and Banking space allows us to bring analytics to the next level. Swiss made

Decentralized Finance Analytics. Swiss Made.

We strive for quality. We live for meaningful insights.


Tailor-made analytics

We build tailor-made analytics products for leading DeFi protocols.



Our in-depth knowledge in the IT and blockchain industry brings value to your business


On-demand Dev Work

You need help with your DeFi problem? We help you getting connected to the right people!


DAO Support

We help you in making your DAO more efficient!

Analytics Showcase: Balancer

Balancer Analytics is our first product show-case where we developed a tailor-made product including protocol, pool and token metrics. Additionally, an in-depth financial dashobard and service-provider analytics board provides meaningful DAO insights.

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DAO Tooling Showcase: Balancer Tools

Balancer.tools allows users to take a deep-dive into balancer tech. In the future, DAO features like DAO multi-sig pull requests for gauge votes will be supported

Balancer Tools
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Meet the team behind DeFilytica. We are a passionate group of DeFi enthusiasts spread across the globe.

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